Perhaps all who have children will agree that they want to provide to their offspring always just what is best. It’s not often thoughtful that it can adversely affect their health by scribbling in a variety of tastes or the ability to spend hours on a computer screen. Children doctors try to focus on the worst cases of infectious diseases in children and encourage parents to properly shape their offspring’s healthy lifestyle habits as they can help in the future to cope with serious chronic illnesses or even psychological problems.

The problems of modern children – from cold to obesity

Children of all ages very often suffer from various infectious diseases of the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract or urinary tract. However, chronic illnesses often occur over the years, especially posture impairment or excessive body weight. Sabina Karosienė, a physician at the EUROMED Clinic for Child Diseases, shared similar findings. „In these times, children move a little, they spend a lot of time sitting awkwardly, therefore the spine is shifted, an irregular posture is formed. Also, I notice that children’s diet is often not upright, irregular, and out of place, and more and more children are suffering from obesity, “says a specialist.

In fact, childhood obesity is a problem of the new times. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 20 million children under five in the world are already overweight and the number of obese babies is steadily rising. The parents, who love treating their children with delicious foods, doctor Karosienė notes the fact that weight gain is significantly affected by snacks of such products as buns, sweets, potato chips and sweetened beverages that are wanted by the child “Overweight in children is becoming a serious health risk and, in the long run, causes such troubles as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or even cancer,” says a specialist with many years of experience. Additionally, an overweight can damage not only physical but also mental health – obese children often suffer from peer abuse, poor self-esteem, eating disorders, or even depression.

What to do to make a child healthy?

All parents want their children’s life not to be disturbed by various illnesses, but they often lack the knowledge to add health-related habits to the child’s agenda. However, the Doctor of Children diseases S. Karosiene states that this is much simpler than it seems – according to just three essential rules, it is possible to avoid extremely health problems affecting children. „First of all, make sure the child’s diet is as diverse and regular as possible – buy healthier foods and do not breastfeed children. Secondly, the more frequent you go with the children in the field, encourage you to attend classes where you need to move actively. And, thirdly, keep an eye out for the child to always be rested, as fatigue is one of the greatest enemies of health, “says a specialist.

Start changing your lifestyle slowly, without excessive pressure – even a small change can bring invaluable benefits. For example, to ensure a sufficient physical activity of the child, it is best to co-operate with the whole family, and to help to become aware of the principles of healthy eating, it is appropriate for the child to produce and eat only valuable and balanced food. As for rest, if a child with overweight learns to go to sleep and get up at the same time, his diet, weight, bones and muscle will normalize over time.

More important than everything is the right parenting example

Experts point out that from the very first months of their lives, children monitor the environment, collect information and become aware of the behaviour of adults. The behaviour of other people is the main source of information for children and the basis of their own behaviour. One crucial aspect here is that even if you constantly moralize and incline your child to the principles of healthy lifestyle and nutrition, while you yourself will burn fast food at the same time and promote a passive lifestyle, you will hardly be able to achieve the desired result.

This is what EUROMED Specialist S. Karosienė agrees with. “Through many years of my work experience, I have noticed that children of parents of healthy lifestyles grow so healthier – they are less likely to suffer, have less health problems and have clear principles of healthy lifestyle. It would be desirable that parents do not forget that the habitual habits of nutrition, hygiene and physical activity formed at an early age have a tremendous effect on the further life and health of children, “says a specialist.