People who lose a part or all their teeth often find themselves in a situation where it is difficult to choose what to do next. One of the long-standing popular ways to restore lost teeth – removable dentures – is not satisfying, because it causes a lot of problems. The most common discomfort is a feeling of discomfort, because you are constantly trying to get out, mucous membranes and jaw atrophy. Modern technology in the field of dentistry allows solving these problems. The innovative, globally applied “Pro Arm” method of implantation allows one to recover all lost teeth on one or both upper and lower jaws only on four implants.

Currently, more than 300 companies are producing implants worldwide. “The Swiss Straumann implants that we use in our work are distinguished not only by the abundance of scientific and clinical research, but also by unique application possibilities. Today we can safely say that the period of dentures has ended because they are replaced by implantation of teeth – a time-tested method of restoring lost teeth, allowing this to be done without affecting other nearby teeth, “says Kristina Bužinskaja of Euromed clinic.

How is everything going on? Tooth implant is a root-shaped titanium screw, facing the jaw’s bone where there is no tooth. It grows over a period with the jaw bone and becomes a support for a crown or other type of prosthesis. “When the patient arrives to perform the procedure, in a sterile environment, after the local anaesthesia, the implants are inserted into the jaw bone. The prosthesis is attached to the implant, the lining is examined and the patient with a new smile and the opportunity to chew completely, travels home. After about ten days you must come to the examination, “- says prosthetist K. Bužynskaja. In this case, expensive bone enlargement procedures are avoided, and the implantation of one implant takes only about 15 to 20 minutes.

Investment of the life

According to global studies conducted on several continents, 99% cases in which teeth were restored to people on four implants were successful. Typically, this implantation technique is suitable for everyone, except for those with severe cardiovascular, liver, oncological diseases and non-controlled diabetes mellitus.

If there are defects in jaw bone tissue before the procedure, then an individual treatment is proposed – first, the basis for the bone tissue should be prepared.

The Straumann Company undertakes to provide a free implant replacement or repair service if the problem does not arise from the fault of the patient. Of course, the person who was implanted is responsible for how the implants are treated. “Suitable dental hygiene is very important. It is necessary to cleanly clean the new teeth, to use flushing yarns and brushes, to make professional oral hygiene at least once in half a year, “says Narine Sarukhanyan, oral surgeon in Euromed.

“No toothless day” – the motto of Pro Arm’s innovative implantation methodology is most inspired by the lack of hope for normal chewing and eating. Swiss implants allow not only to regain joy to rejuvenate food, but also to relieve emotional and psychological discomfort, after all, a beautiful smile is one of the ways to not feel tension and strange sights from the environment.