In the Euromed Clinic, modern medical equipment will perform a variety of laboratory and instrumental analyses to help you diagnose your disease accurately and choose the right treatment.

  • Determination of glycemia in the blood
  • Determination of Urea Concentration (UREA)
  • Urine test strip (with analyzer)
  • Determination of potassium / sodium
  • Determination of tyreotroponium hormone and free thyroxin
  • Determination of alanine transaminases, asparagine transaminases, alkaline phosphatases and gamma-glutamyl transferase
  • Determine iron levels in the blood
  • Female genital mutation microscopy
  • Hematologic blood test for PSP-specific analyser
  • ENG test
  • Determining Cholesterol Levels in the Blood
  • Determination of Creatinine (CREA)
  • Glucose Tolerance Sample
  • Determination of bilirubin
  • Determination of prostate specific antigen concentration
  • Determination of microalbumin content in the urine
  • Ophthalmology (measurements of eye pressure, visual acuity assessment, color sensation testing)
  • Echoscopy (abdominal examinations, gynecological obstetric studies (transvaginal echoscopy))
  • LOR test
  • Clinical physiology (electrocardiography, spirometry)
  • Immunogenic tests
  • Clinical trials
  • Pathological and cytological studies
  • Clinical biochemistry studies