The EUROMED clinic provides professional secondary level urology services. A urologist is a specialist in diagnosing and treating men and women urinary tract diseases and taking care of men’s urinary tract disorders and sexual health of men. In the EUROMED clinic, we attach great importance to the diagnosis of prostate diseases and the effective treatment of various prostate diseases: chronic prostatitis, prostate hyperplasia, prostate cancer, and others.In our clinic, using the latest and advanced equipment, the following urological services are provided:

  • Prophylactic diagnostics;
  • Urological counseling;
  • Diagnosis of urological diseases through laboratory tests (blood, urine, urinary tract, prostate secretion, etc.) ;
  • Instrumental research (echoscopy, prostate biopsy, radiological studies, etc.) ;
  • Detection of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Diagnosis and treatment of prostate diseases;
  • Assessment of male organs’ shape, structure and function changes;
  • Treatment for erectile dysfunction;
  • Diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract diseases, etc.