Prosthodontics is one of the most effective ways to restore lost teeth. The Euromed Clinic offers a wide range of prosthetics. Dentist consultation will select the most appropriate and most convenient way to enjoy it again, well-balanced life.

Problems with loss of one or more teeth:
  • Changed aesthetic image. Having lost one or more teeth, the aesthetic image changes, the person does not feel comfortably, there is a lack of self-confidence, people often start to avoid smiling. Over time, the bone disappears, which can change even in the form of the face and jaw.
  • Speech is disrupted. In the absence of teeth, speaking changes, fluctuations may occur, and the pronunciation of sounds (especially with loss of front teeth) may be impaired.
  • Decreases the function of chewing. Lacking one or more teeth, it becomes harder to chew and eat. Therefore, digestive problems can occur very often due to misdiagnosis and not completely digested food.

By registering with a dentist, you will be given a course of treatment and the most appropriate prosthesis is selected.