Specialized echoscopy services at the EUROMED clinic. The new equipment of Japanese Hitachi-Aloka echoscopy cabinet will guarantee you the ultimate ultrasound test.

Abdominal Echoscopy, which detects:
  • Liver cysts, tumours, changes in liver size, portal vein changes
  • Gall bladder and duct stones, polyps
  • Pancreas, spleen diseases and lesions
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Echoscopy of renal organs, which detects:
  • Kidney cysts, tumors, stomach ulcers
  • Bladder stones, tumours and residual urine
  • Men are diagnosed with prostate enlargement, cancer, testicular disease
Breast echoscopy used:
  • Diagnosis of cysts, traumatic, inflammatory changes, benign and malignant tumors
  • Explore breast implants
Thyroid, parathyroid and salivary gland echoscopy
Lymph node echoscopy
Echoscopy of joints and soft tissues