At EUROMED Clinic, we carry out various medical examinations and issue medical certificates. These checks are required for employed persons to determine if their state of health is in line with the established standards, as well as drivers and civilians who wish to obtain a permit to acquire a weapon. During medical examinations, an assessment of the health and mental state of a person, diagnostic tests reveals the increased risk factors, diagnoses various illnesses. In accordance with the procedure established by laws of the Republic of Lithuania, according to the established rates, we perform the following medical examinations:

  • Health checks on workers. We evaluate whether employed and working people can work in a specific job under certain conditions, help prevent or diagnose occupational diseases in a timely manner;
  • Drivers health check. We determine whether the state of health of a person who wishes to drive or already drives is in line with the rules and can drive a category of motor vehicles;
  • Acquiring a gun. We are checking the health of those who want to obtain a civilian firearms licence and prophylactically evaluate the health of those who have acquired the weapon.