The Euromed Clinic provides quality child and adolescent dental services. Dental practitioners work with quality tools and apply the most effective treatment methods.

Dental services provided:
  • Dental prophylaxis and hygiene
  • Therapeutic, endodontic and surgical treatment
  • Teeth whitening
  • Aesthetic sealing
  • Dental X-rays photos

Aesthetic sealing is a dental restoration that restores the aesthetic image of the tooth – shape, colour, and function. High quality material is used for the aesthetic filling of the dentist, so we ensure that the sealed teeth will not diverge from the surrounding natural teeth.

Odontologists recommend aesthetic filling when you are not satisfied with the shape of the tooth, the colour, the teeth are chiral, and are tired. Also, sealing is suggested to remove spaces between the teeth or to adjust the overall image.

It is very important to restore damaged teeth because unprotected teeth tend to break, they are resistant to bacteria, which eventually causes various diseases. Also, frequent sensitivity disrupts your daily life – it’s painful to use cold, hot, acidic foods or drinks.

This procedure is usually short (depending on the desired result, the amount of dental prosthesis, complexity) and painless. During the consultation, the dentist will complete the treatment plan and will offer you the most suitable option to restore the smile as naturally as possible.

Preventive oral health is checked every fourth (24.5 percent). Resident of Lithuania. Inappropriate routine dental care and avoidance of a visit to the dentist can leave irreversible damage to your teeth. Professional oral hygiene is a great preventive way to prevent caries, gum and periodontal diseases, as well as get rid of unpleasant mouth odors and bleeding gums.

Professional oral hygiene removes dental plaque and stones that eventually cause diseases.

A visit to the oral hygienist is recommended at least once a year, but the most accurate time interval will be advised to you during the visit.

Your dental color may change due to many factors – inappropriate oral hygiene, natural aging, smoking (tobacco), red wine, coffee, tea, and coloring foods such as beets or berries.

Teeth whitening is done using chemicals that oxdise tooth primary pigment. It’s a quick, lasting and painless way to get the perfect smile back.

Before the procedure, we recommend a dentist’s consultation to examine your teeth and confirm that the procedure can be carried out, as there are cases where tooth whitening can be strictly not recommended.

Also, dentists at Euromed clinic insist on avoiding whitening teeth at home! If you decide to do the homework at the same time, we recommend consulting your dentist.

Oral surgery involves the removal of teeth, teeth, complex jawbone reconstructive surgery. Perform procedures such as thinning of the teeth, tooth extraction, sinus lifting, dental implantation, removal of the cyst, root tip resection, and the like.

Endodontics is the treatment of dental root canals, which eliminates infected tissues inside the tooth, that is, root canals. Therefore, most commonly in the endodontic procedure, the tooth nerve (called the pulp) is removed, and the filled channels prevent the infection from reoccurring with a special substance.

This treatment applies when the caries in the tooth is spread so much that the infection has already reached the tissue inside. Also, sometimes the treatment may be necessary if the teeth were not properly sealed for a long time or are very worn out.

Endodontic treatment may result in severe and seizure-related acute pain (especially at night). However, there may be no symptoms at all, so we recommend checking your dentist regularly for prophylactic testing!

Periodontology is the prevention and treatment of dental tissue diseases, such as periodontitis and gingivitis. Periodontological problems are most often due to inadequate oral hygiene and dental care, dental stones and plaque removal. It can also be greatly influenced by common illness, smoking, stress, certain medications.

Gingivitis is most commonly seen in reddish and tender gums that tend to bleed. It is very important to detect it at the right time and start treatment because the untreated gingivitis progresses to a more serious periodontal disease – periodontitis. Periodontitis usually affects tissues around the tooth such as gums, periodontal ligament or alveolar bone.

These are safe studies that provide the highest quality images that provide accurate treatment schedules and effective treatments. X-ray studies help to track the course of the disease, perform surgical interventions (implantation, prosthetics, dental roving), as well as endodontic and periodontal treatment.

No less than for adults, proper care of the teeth and the mouth is also needed for the little ones. From the first teeth eruption, parents should begin to take care of their children teeth.

The visit of the child (especially the first one) to the dentist is extremely important, so it is very important for your child to prepare it properly (do not intimidate in any way!). If you would like to visit for the first time, we recommend that you first come for information.