Usually we go to see the dentist for a regular check-up, but sometimes we face particular dental emergencies that require to be fixed as soon as possible. Unfortunately, toothache can surprise you even on weekends or non-working days. From now on you do not have to wait, because you are able to have immediate treatment. Our dentists can help you even on Saturday or Sunday. Come visit us if you see or have any of the listed symptoms:
• Immediate tooth pain;
• Jaw pain and tenderness;
• Gum swelling and etc.
Need urgent help? All you have to do is:
• Call EUROMED (Phone: +3706 300 7771) and let us know about the problem;
• Pick the most suitable appointment time and come to the EUROMED clinic.
Having a toothache – one of the most unpleasant feelings. Get rid of it as soon as possible – EUROMED can help you to do this even on weekends!

PHONE: +370 6300 7771